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Description - just pretend they are client icons or film festival wreathy awards

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Had to find out what it could do and now I kinda know. has ruled the web
since the early days.

Google passed me.

A couple of screenshots. Historical fun with an added functionality test.

Thoughts to round out your day !

"What is this?" you may ask? It's comedy on the net. Many of the jokes that come up in this Chuck Norris joke generator I find pretty dang funny, a little hyperbole in the world of computer people. References to the images and the joke database are at the bottom of the image. Some text a little explicit so be forewarned. Images are fine though.

(5/16/20) In regards to the code behind it, I am using php for unsplash and javascript for the icndb. Unsplash has private key api access which can be hidden in php. I liked using javascript to go after the icndb jokes and I may grab some other text down the line. If you view the source of my iframe, you will see how easy it is to get that text. It is really amazing, actually. There are a lot of JSON resources on the net presently and they keep growing every day.
(5/28/22) The reason my URL is "unsecure" is because the SSL certification from is not up to date. That doesn't bug me much but I like having the little lock at the top of the screen so I may have to remove Chuckify as part of my main home page load pieces. Hopefully, Chuck won't take it out on me.
(7/23/22) Yeah, I had to do it. The "chuck" reference is gone but the roundhouse spirt and wisdom stays. I am now using and I like the random advice so far. I might just buy him a coffee if you visitors use this.

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